Immortals (2011)

Hollywood is now officially crazy about Greek mythology and graphic novels that are inspired by Greek mythology (note Troy, 300, Clash of the Titans, Immortals), and there will be lots more ahead thanks to the ever-growing fan base of this newfound mania.

From wafer-thin exotic female seers, to muscle popping masculine heroes, these Greek mythology inspired films seem to get their bucks from the eye-candy they provide. This seems to be a consistent trait that has helped push the box office successes of these films.

‘Immortals’ is no different. Tarsem Singh’s latest mythology inspired story is about the poor son of a single mother who learns of his purpose (thanks to being favoured by the Gods) of defeating a ruthless king who wants to free the Titans using the fabled Epirus Bow.

The name of the hero is Theseus, but he has no bearing to the original Greek mythology hero of the same name. There are a few sprinkles of what can be called ‘a homage’ to original Greek mythology – but nothing more.

Our hero is a self doubting one, who does not believe in the Gods. He however learns that his destiny is to defeat an evil king and stop him from unleashing the Titans who could destroy humanity as well as the Gods.

Additionally there is a love story with the virgin Oracle, Phaedra.

This film boasts some stunning visuals, with crystal clear images of water flowing, metal shining, and blood splattering (unfortunately). The earthy hues used as the colour palette for the film, remind one of the imagery in 300. Ultimately, the film never fails at being beautiful, visually.

Anyone looking for a lot of action and violence is sure to be thrilled. There is also a lot of eye-candy for everyone. The men have six packs and the women are your typical ramp-walking models.

The acting is far from top notch and the music is nothing note-worthy and mostly escapes attention.

FINAL VERDICT: Watch it if you really like Freida Pinto or if you like Greek mythology inspired stories and don’t mind if they deviate from the original. There’s also a lot of action and sword clanking if you enjoy that.

Avoid it if you really can’t stand Greek mythology being butchered. Also stay away if you want to see an action movie that has true emotional impact.